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Three of Us For
German Shepherds

Spay/Neuter program

Since we started, we have been able to have many dogs operated via our spay/neuter program

Dogs Adopted

Since we opened our doors, we have helped many dogs find loving homes

Together we can do more

With your help we are able to achieve more each and every year

Our Story

Ever since the beginning we have poured our heart & soul into saving dogs in need. We intend to continue doing this for the years to come.

Become a foster home!

One of the most important parts of our foundation is to be able to temporarily foster dogs until we find a forever home for them.

About the Breed

Knowing more about German Shepherds, including their personality and history, will help you understand this breed better to see if this is the right dog for your family.

Our Success Stories

Huba became a family member, he has a brother, Matyi, and a sister, Luca, now. He is looking at the neighbor’s sheep for hours

– Gábor

“We are on our vacation, we are sleeping in a tent and Diego is with us as well.”

– Annamari & Bence

Thank you for trusting us. We will do everything to make sure Szana will have a happy life with us.

– Edit & Dóra

Thinking about adopting?

Find out about our adoption process!