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Your donation will go a long way supporting the animals in our care. Please consider making a donation today.

There are several ways you can support our foundation, which include:

  1. Sending money via the bank to:
    Mi Hárman a Németjuhászokért Alapítvány (Three of Us For German Shepherds Foundation)
    From within Hungary, Account number: 11702081-21453991
    For international reference:
    IBAN: HU49-1170-2081-2145-3991
    Bank: OTP
  2. Via Paypal:
  3. Our GoFundMe page: Click here
  4. Become a Sponsor
  5. You can arrange the transfer of your donations (toys, blankets, food, dog house etc.) For more details regarding the items that we need often. Click here
  6. Consider becoming a Godparent of one or more of our animals in our care. If you are not in a position to adopt one of our dogs, but your heart has been touched by the story of an animal we rescued, you have the opportunity to become a Godparent to support that dog for a month or even more.

As medical care of the animals is expensive and so are the purchases of any kennels, even used ones, our bills can pile up pretty quickly to take in any new animal that needs our support. Your generosity will help us to make a difference with every dog we take into our care. Thank you for thinking of us to make a donation.

Items you may donate:

There might be certain things that you have at home that you are not using and could be actually a wonderful gift for our dogs if you would donate it. We accept new and used items, just make sure that they are still in good condition and if it is food you are donating, it is not expired.

Food items you may donate to us:
• Ready meals
• Raw meat
• Dry food for puppies and adult dogs
• Canned food for puppies and adult dogs
• A gentle, dietary dry diet for sick and obese dogs

Dog accessories and toys:
• Metal feeder and drinking bowls
• Dog bed
• Dog house
• Dog clothes
• Dog carrier
• Combs, brushes, claw cutters, hair clippers for dogs
• Dog toys
• Collar and leash in all sizes

Become a sponsor

We rely on local, national and international businesses and individual sponsors to help us achieve our mission.