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Feedback From Our Adopters

Here are some words from our adopters.

“We’re going home tomorrow and it will be 4 months just tomorrow that I found my forever home thanks to you and Andor.
Thanks! Mango”

– Ági

“We are on our vacation, we are sleeping in a tent and Diego is with us as well.”

– Annamari & Bence

“I can’t thank you enough Judit Kárpáti ❤️
I love looking at him every minute! We are so happy.”

– Erika

“I haven’t written for a while, but not much happened since the last time I wrote to you. Bodza still eats three times a day. We cannot feel her ribs now, only her spine shows. I think we will switch to eating twice a day because I don’t want her to become overweight. Her fur is beautiful, it just doesn’t want to grow on her back. I will have that checked, but if it doesn’t grow back that’s ok too. That will be her special look, She is already listening to her name. I pet her a lot and give her lots of kisses. She accepted me as her master. She follows me everywhere or will search for me if she cannot see me. I am so glad we found each other. She is the center of my life. She responds well to all of my commands. So I chose a very good dog. I am very happy.”

– Ildikó

“Huba became a family member, he has a brother, Matyi, and a sister, Luca, now. He is looking at the neighbor’s sheep for hours, he only comes to be petted. We are going to the doctor tomorrow so that he can get his last vaccination. He got a nice collar. I love him, he loves to be close to me. He eats nicely as well. Also he learns all the mischief from Luca.”

– Gábor

So far we have always bought a dog from a breeder. An acquaintance of mine drew my attention to this possibility to adopt one instead. Then I saw your post. I was pleased to see that you responded quickly and recommended Szana instead of Lettike. It felt so good, I already thought we would be found to be unfit to adopt a dog. When in fact we really consider them family members. We will do everything to make sure Szana will have a happy life with us.

– Edit & Dóra

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