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About Us

I would like to introduce you to our foundation: “Three of Us For German Shepherds Foundation”

Our Story

We started rescuing German shepherds and some small dogs in March 2020.

In 2020, we found loving homes for about 110 dogs. This year was one of my proudest ones in my life. Although it started as a hobby, it has become part of my life today.

I consider it a mission for anyone who wants a dog to adopt from a rescue instead of buying one.

It makes me feel wonderful to save animals and we do it with our heart & soul.

I feel that a lot of people appreciate our work. This foundation was also created because many of you asked how we could be supported. We are very grateful for that.

We started out as civilians and for one year we covered all the costs ourselves. However, we want to be able to do more, start neutering, boarding more dogs, helping the dogs with their medical expenses, helping the temporary shelters with food, but that we cannot do on our own.

As we are unfortunately unable to use the SZJA 1% yet in Hungary (funding available to some organizations via donations through tax returns), we would be grateful if you could support the foundation.

Please help us so we can help more in the community! All donations count and will make a huge impact.

Thank you very much for supporting our work.

Mi Hárman a Németjuhászokért Alapítvány (Three of Us For German Shepherds Foundation)
Account number: 11702081-21453991

Judit Kárpáti.